Apple Care: Part 3

The letter they sent was just a repair sheet with a checkbox checked. The reason it failed was.

iPod was not in its originally assembled condition, as the enclosure was either disassembled or opened; therefore, technicians were unable to perform any diagnostics.

Apparently having dust under the screen makes Apple think you opened your iPod. Sorry to tell you Apple, but the thing isn't dust proof. I wouldn't dare opening an iPod that I bought the extended warranty on. That would be stupid.

I can tell you how the dust got under there because I remember it clearly. It ticked me off when it happened. There was a bunch of dust on the dock connecter. I wanted to get it out so I blew on it, thinking the dust would come out. Instead of coming out it went in. I ended up feeling like an idiot I'll admit, but blowing on your iPod shouldn't void the warranty.

I guess the next step is taking it into the Apple Store so I can reason/argue with someone until I can convince them that I didn't open the stupid iPod and it really did break.

Posted on April 17, 2009 at 9:00 am

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