iTunes Rentals First Impressions

So I decided to try out iTunes Rentals. Last week I rented Star Trek III. Things went pretty smoothly on the iTunes end. I had to do some updating to my account, but then I was ready to go. The movie downloaded pretty quickly, and although I didn't watch it right away, judging by the download speed I could have.

I decided to wait till I could watch it on my AppleTV. So I've been waiting and watching the 30 day countdown tick away. Well my AppleTV hasn't been updated yet and I was in the mood to watch a movie. So I decided I'd just rent another movie to test on the Apple TV. We flipped the couch around so it faced the iMac, hit the play button, and Whammo!


iTunes was unable to verify my account. Now it seems this wasn't just a rental problem. I tried to login to the store, and while I could search for music I was unable to login to my account. I tried a few more times and got the same error. So much for that eh?

After waiting an hour I tried again and it finally worked. This time it worked as expected. After about 10 seconds to do some talking to the iTunes server I got a dialog asking if I wanted to play this rental, which would expire 24 hours later. I hit play and watched me some Star Trek.

I'm hoping this was an obscure error that won't happen again. Since I ended up having to wait over an hour (including the messing around on iTunes to see if I could login) I didn't really find the experience all that convenient. I am glad I didn't have to brave the cold and go to the video store, but I'm hoping rental number 2 goes better.

Posted on January 24, 2008 at 11:44 am
tags: apple video

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